Western Avenue Studios
Images by Richard D. Bramante
Studio 503
Approaching the studios located at 122
Western Avenue in Lowell.  The studios are
located in an old mill complex cluster
consisting of multiple buildings.
The best way to reach the fifth floor without climbing
all those steps is to take the freight elevator to the
5th Floor.  The yellow door is to the right as you look
at the large Western Avenue Studios banner and is
painted yellow.

Enter through this door and continue down the small
hall and the freight elevator is just at the end of the
As you exit the elevator continue to the hall
on the left by the red door.
Continue all the way down the hall and into the next building.
Studio 503 is the green door on the
right just past the black door.  This
photo was taken fairly early and no
appropriate signs had been placed on
the studio at the time.
Directions to the studios may be found